Education Philosophy

SEDA’s educational philosophy is underpinned by the belief that every young person has the capacity to engage with learning, to achieve their life ambitions and make a significant and positive contribution to their community. SEDA’s approach to education is captured in one simple but powerful statement: To Engage, Educate and Empower young people.


SEDA is built on the premise that engagement with learning is essential for a student to achieve success. We believe that a more hands-on approach to learning better meets the needs of many young people, as it provides them with a sense that their education is relevant to them and their lives today.

The programs at SEDA attract a group of young people who want their education experience to be ‘real-life’ and authentic. The education experience at SEDA utilises an area of interest or passion and it is embedded in an industry they enjoy, so it is immediately more relevant and has context. SEDA believes that the industry context and interaction with high profile partner organisations motivates and inspires students. This industry connection builds on students’ abilities and talents and provides a challenging and stimulating learning environment.

The essential ingredient that brings the SEDA programs together is the positive relationships that are built between the teachers/trainers, students and their families. In a SEDA classroom, this teacher-student relationship is based on a shared passion or interest. Their teacher/trainer shares their enthusiasm for the industry, communicates regularly with the student’s family and is the single point of contact for all of the students’ needs during the program.


SEDA is committed to developing successful learners who have the capacity to engage in future learning and actively participate in community life. At SEDA students have the opportunity to complete their senior secondary qualification and or nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications that complement the student’s interests.

The SEDA classroom is located in a community or industry facility in community hubs, sports pavilions and performing arts spaces. This allows them to work on community projects that are meaningful to them whilst developing a greater insight into the lives of other people in their community. These challenging experiences, often conducted in partnership with community agencies, allow young people to make a positive contribution to a socially cohesive society that respects and appreciates cultural, social and religious diversity.


The SEDA experience supports young people to explore a range of jobs and careers through regular and substantial blocks of work placement. SEDA exposes young people to a range of industry experts, role models and experiences that help them consider a broad range of career options. It also helps young people develop the skills and maturity to be successful at work.

Confident learners have the ability to make informed choices that support their dreams, ambitions and talents. A quality education empowers young people to have the knowledge, skills and attributes to transition from secondary education to work or further studies with focus and determination. Graduates of SEDA’s programs have gone on to find meaningful pathways in further education or employment as a result of the learning experiences offered at SEDA.