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The Rob Flower Scholarship

The Rob Flower Scholarship will be provided to successful applicants completing their Senior Secondary Education at SEDA and will support their education, personal development and career opportunities.

Applications will be considered reflecting the following personal qualities:

  • Community: the young person’s commitment to their community and contribution to local services in sport, recreation, arts, social services or any other area.
  • Effort: the young person’s commitment to an educational or personal pursuit – subject area, career or skill.
  • Leadership: demonstration of leadership skills and a willingness to support the education of others.
  • Equality: commitment to treating everyone as equal and maintaining respectful relationships with others.
  • Loyalty: the young person’s contribution, their loyalty and support for others in friendship circles and the community.

Assessment of a SEDA scholarship is not based on academic merit, but considers the skills, interest and attributes of the applicant. A SEDA scholarship may be awarded to a student who is able to demonstrate that they will benefit from, and contribute to, the range of opportunities available through the SEDA program.

In applying for a scholarship, SEDA may ask students and families to attend an interview to discuss the application.

SEDA may in its discretion determine the number of scholarships to be awarded and the value of the scholarship. The total number of scholarships awarded will be determined by the SEDA Board annually or at such other times as the Board determines.

For further information about our scholarships please email