Student Eligibility

Selection into our Sports Development Programs (SDP) is not dependent on sporting skills and students of all ability levels may apply.

Students must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australia Permanent Resident to be eligible for any of the SEDA College NT programs.

Program Criteria

Northern Territory students must successfully complete or have completed Year 9 or equivalent for entry into Year 10. Students who have a non-traditional or different schooling history should contact our admissions staff to determine eligibility for our programs.

Students who have already completed Year 10 or 11 may be able to enter directly into Year 11 or Year 12 level respectively. Eligibility for this will be determined at an interview. Students who are completing or have completed Year 12 are not eligible to apply.

Note that selection into SEDA’s programs is based on an online application and interview process and students apply the year before they intend to commence the program for entry the following year (i.e. students intending to commence in Year 10 would begin their application while they are in Year 9 to start the following year).

Further Questions?

For further information regarding the application process please click here.

Please feel free to contact our Admissions Team for more information about SEDA College on or 1300 337 332.

Download a copy of the SEDA College NT Prospectus to learn more