Work Placement

SEDA believes it is important for students to develop work skills during their time in the program. This ensures that each student can successfully transition into the workforce after their studies. Through work placement, students are given the opportunity to work in a range of organisations and experience a variety of different job roles. This allows students to develop their work skills and identify where their interests may lie for future employment. It also provides invaluable experience for students and assists them when applying for future work or further study.

SEDA students have completed placements in the following industries:

  • Education
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Leisure
  • Community Services
  • Fitness
  • Building and Trade
  • Government
  • Health
  • Media and Communications

Beyond SEDA’s industry partners, students have chosen to complete work placements in the following organisations:

  • Health Centers
  • Football Clubs
  • Police Force
  • Events Companies
  • Charity Organisations
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Gyms
  • Medical Agencies
  • Child Care and Aged Care Facilities
  • Rugby League Clubs
  • Public Sector
  • International Sporting Brands and Retailers