Reconciliation Cup

SEDA College SA Indigenous Program Coordinator, Tayla Thorn, recently organised a celebration for National Reconciliation Week. SEDA College SA, alongside SEDA partners The Adelaide Crows, explored the history and meaning of Reconciliation… “Reconciliation is coming together and taking action” said Sarah Allan, Australian Rules Footballer at Adelaide Football Club.

The students of SEDA College SA used the day to acknowledge Aboriginal culture through recreational activities, presentations, and a recognition of the land SEDA college stands upon… Kaurna Country. During the celebration, students heard from Jeremy Johncock, the Indigenous Programs Manager at the Adelaide Football Club… “Reconciliation to me is all about education, truth-telling, being comfortable enough to be having those open conversations, and building a better relationship with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander people, and non-Indigenous people.”

National Reconciliation Day is exceptionally significant at SEDA College as unity and education are highly valued in the SEDA community… “In order for us to unite, we need to take a step back and educate ourselves,” said Sam Tharaldsen, Community Programs Officer at the Adelaide Football Club.

As part of the Reconciliation activities, The SEDA College SA students collectively painted a traditional Aboriginal dot painting to illustrate their acknowledgment of Indigenous culture, and to more specifically celebrate the culture of the 11 Indigenous students at SEDA College.

“The two circles represent Indigenous and non-Indigenous people coming together” year 11 SEDA student, Codi Buckskin explained.