SEDA College NT Official Launch Event

We had a fantastic time last week at the official launch event for SEDA College NT at Tennis NT.

Thank you to all of our attendees who came and helped celebrate the registration of SEDA as an Independent Senior Secondary School in Darwin. We were honoured to have a wide variety of guests, from students, alumni and parents, to our sporting partners, community partners, and all of those who we have worked with in the education industry including the Department of Education.

It was an opportunity for everyone in the SEDA Community to reflect on the last 9 years of educating and engaging young people and setting them up for a future they are passionate about.

The event was hosted by SEDA alumni and current staff members Shontelle Hartog and Tara Priore-Smith, who both spoke about the impact that SEDA had on their education and what their journey has been since graduating.

Inaugural Principal Francis Gill spoke of the history of the program and thanked the countless people involved in establishing SEDA in the early years as well as in its transition to an Independent College.

A panel of alumni, parents, students and our community partners contributed a variety of perspectives on the program and what we have been able to achieve. Thank you to our panellists, it was fantastic to hear your experience with SEDA and the College’s connection to the NT community and industry.

Education is a key foundation to the future of young people, and it is something we are incredibly proud to be involved in. We look forward to continuing to create great outcomes for our students, families, and the NT sporting community into the future.