SEDA College NT

The leader of hands-on senior secondary education in the Northern Territory.

SEDA College is an Independent Senior Secondary School located in Darwin. The College embraces each student’s passion for sport, where we support their individual journey and empower them to complete their Year 10, 11 and 12 certificates. 

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Acknowledgement to Country

We at SEDA College NT acknowledge and respect the First Nations culture of our peers.
We acknowledge and respect our First Nations students, families, and wider community.
We acknowledge and respect those First Nations people who are away from their homeland.
We acknowledge and respect that we are teaching, learning, and living on Larrakia land.
We acknowledge the First Nations people, both past and present and our emerging First Nations leaders.

Artwork by Year 10, SEDA NT students (2020).

Information Session

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Tuesday 13th August 2024

Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre at TIO Stadium