Student Fees

The SEDA College NT fee for Year 10, 11 and 12 students in 2024 is $3,450.00*.

* The above fee is the full tuition, resource fee and extra curricular activities fee per student enrolment for 2024.

What do Student Fees Include?

Amount: $750.00

For new and returning students, an Enrolment Fee Deposit is collected to secure a students position at the College. The total amount is $750.00 which can be paid in full or in instalments of $375.00. The Enrolment Fee Deposit of $750.00 will be deducted from the Resource Fee charged for the academic year. 

Amount: $2,400.00

Tuition Fees cover all services in relation to teaching and learning such as:

  • The Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET)
  • VET (Vocational Education and Training) training services
  • First Aid/CPR training services
  • Specialist coaching/umpiring courses
  • Wellbeing, leadership, careers, education support and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services

Amount: $150.00

The activity fee covers all compulsory class activities, excursions, incursions, tours, and self-nominated interschool sport activities.

This fee does not include overnight, interstate or international camps. To ensure an equitable system in relation to these activities the College charges these fees separately and payment must be made in accordance with due dates provided. 

Amount: $900.00

The Enrolment Fee Deposit ($750.00) and Back to School Payment Scheme* ($150.00) contributes to the College’s Resource Fee. This fee covers:

  • Student’s annual uniform allocation
  • Notebook (laptop), charger and software
  • MySEDA – Student online learning system

Tuition Fee Support & Payment Options

Depending on a student’s circumstances, ABSTUDY can help with:

  • school fees
  • boarding fees
  • living costs
  • travel costs
  • buying school materials.


More information can be found here

Students enrolled with SEDA College NT (the College) in Year 10, 11 and 12 commencing in Term 1^ may be eligible for the Back to School Payment Scheme (commonly referred to as the Back to School Voucher) from the Northern Territory (NT) Government. Students are entitled to receive $150.00 worth of educational goods and services.

^Students that commence after Term 1 are not eligible for the Back to School Scheme as this is utilised by the student’s previous Northern Territory based school. If a student is not eligible for the Back to School Scheme, the $150.00 fee towards the Resource Fee will remain in the caregivers (payee/s) account for payment.

More information can be found here. 

The College may offer bursaries to families experiencing severe short-term financial difficulties. Due to limited funds being available for bursaries, not all students who apply for Bursary Assistance will be successful.

Students with a genuine need who would like to be considered for Bursary Assistance should complete a Bursary Assistance Application Form, which can be requested by emailing:

Families may be asked to attend an interview to discuss their application.

A two part payment that helps with the cost of raising children.

To get this you must:

  • have a dependent child or full time secondary student aged 16 to 19 who isn’t getting a pension, payment or benefit like Youth Allowance
  • care for the child for at least 35% of the time
  • meet an income test.

More information can be found here.

With the ongoing Support of Bridging the Gap and Vicinity Centre’s, SEDA College NT can offer Year 12 students the opportunity to apply for a Indigenous Leaders Scholarship.

More information can be found here. 

The College understands that school fees often are required to be split between two caregivers when they do not reside in the same household. Due to this, the College offers the option to split payment (50/50) of the Tuition and Activity Fee and Student Experience Fees between two caregivers.

Split Payments can be opted into via completion of the Student Fees Payment Plan form or upon request during the academic year by contacting our Finance Department via email to request this service.

If a student’s Student Fees are to be paid by a third-party, please contact our Finance Department via email to request this service and provide third-party contact details.  The Finance Department will organise payment arrangements directly with the third-party, however, caregivers will remain liable to pay the Student Fees if the third party fails to make payment by the specified due dates.

The Australian Government of Veterans’ Affairs provides Education Schemes for financial assistance, special assistance, student support services and arrange for guidance and counselling for eligible children to help them achieve their full potential in full-time education or career training.

More information can be found here

Financial help if you’re 24 or younger and a student or Australian Apprentice.

To get this you must be one of the following:

  • 18 to 24 and studying full time
  • 16 to 17, studying full time and either independent or needing to live away from home to study
  • 16 to 17, studying full time and have completed year 12 or equivalent
  • 16 to 24 and doing a full time Australian Apprenticeship.


More information can be found here

For full details of the SEDA College fees please refer to our Student Fees Policy.

If you require any additional information please contact SEDA College at or call 1300 337 332.

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