SEDA College NT


Embracing Passions

Our College embraces each student’s passion for sport, where we support their individual journey and empower them to compete their secondary education. Our ‘one teacher’ to ‘one class’ model allows our teachers to take on a true mentoring approach, where they walk alongside and educate students in multiple learning environments.

Engaging Minds

SEDA College NT embraces a more applied, active, hands-on approach to learning, which can often better meet the needs of many young people when compared to more traditional forms of teaching. Our belief is that every young person has the capacity to engage with learning, to achieve their life ambitions, and make a positive contribution to their community.

Real-Life Skills

At SEDA College, learning is not restricted to the classroom. It occurs in genuine workplace and community settings in collaboration with teachers and industry professionals. Students gain practical skills and enjoy a wide verity of experiences at SEDA and are equipped with transferable skills that will help them entering the working world with confidence.

Information Session

Discover more at a SEDA College 2025 Information Session hosted at TIO Stadium for Years 10, 11 and 12.


We embrace each student’s passion for sport where practical learning occurs in and outside the classroom.


We walk alongside and support each student's individual journey as they complete their senior secondary education.

About Us

SEDA College NT is highly regarded for how we empower, support, connect, and believe in young people.

Information Session

Learn how we empower minds & embrace each student's passion

Monday 27th May 2024

Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre at TIO Stadium