Scores Above State Average​

SEDA College NT has successfully engaged their senior secondary students for weeks 1 – 4 of Term 1 2023. With student attendance above 90%, could this be a better way to learn?

The College’s ‘one teacher, one class’ model allows teachers to take on a true mentoring approach, where they walk alongside and support each student’s individual journey as they complete their secondary education. The College embraces a more applied, active, hands-on approach to learning, which is demonstrating that the SEDA model is meeting the needs of many young people when compared to more traditional forms of teaching.

In weeks 1 – 4 of Term 1 2022, the highest attendance rate within the Territory was 86.2% containing an attendance rate of 75.9% for Indigenous and 88.6% for Non- Indigenous students. SEDA College NT’s weeks 1 – 4 of Term 1 2023 is 90% for Indigenous and 90.4% for Non- Indigenous students.

Discover a better way to learn at SEDA College NT’s 2024 Information Session at Tennis NT on Monday 22nd May 2023.

Nakara Primary School

Information Session

Learn how we empower minds & embrace each student's passion

Monday 27th May 2024

Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre at TIO Stadium